👉From JUNE 1st to AUGUST 31st Brussels Welcome a brand new concept in the heart of the city: 26 RUE DU LOMBARD - 1000 BRUSSELS
Open from TUESDAY TO SUNDAY: 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
For a whole month, come and live a brand new inspiring and enriching experience:
✅ Humanely meeting local artisans and creators (and not only)
✅Environmentally discovering products that respect people and the planet
✅ Artisanally around the enhancement and sharing of know-how
We invite you to come and meet a community of actors active in Change and Ecological Transition, they will be there to welcome you:
➡️ A creative shop: everything is for sale, from products to furniture and decoration
➡️ A tasting area for organic and local products
➡️Creative workshops around the sharing of know-how
➡️ Exhibition of artistic creations: photos, paintings...
A project in collaboration and with the support of Madame l'échevine @lydiamutyebele
.Alderman for Housing, Public Heritage and Equal Opportunities.
From the City of Brussels @bxl_online
As well as @orybany.brussels' Commitment to offer Ethical and Sustainable alternatives to all people who visit and/or pass through our beautiful capital.
👉 Illustration @sarah_momose